I purchased my first Harley-Davidson in 1965 soon after I was discharged from the Navy.  It was basically a rolling frame with an engine, and it didn't run.  I took it home put a battery and gas in it and proceded to try and start it.  After serveral attemps it roared to life and blew oil out every where.  I took it to the local Harley dealer and had him rebuild the engine from the ground up.

I took the frame to my buddies body shop and stripped the frame down to bare metal and started from scratch.  Once I had the surface prepped I painted the frame a light blue with a lot of silver metal flake.  I rode that bike until 1971 when I sold it.

Every spring I got the fever to purchase another Harley, but I would ask myself, do I really need a Harley, how much would I ride it and where would I keep it.

When I turned 70 I got the bug again so I went looking and found the bike that I wanted, a Dyna Lowrider painted all black.

My friends who have been riding for years asked if I was up for a road trip, I asked where and they said Sturgis for the Rally and of course I was all in.  I shot a lot of video for a souvenir for us.

I'm also the executive producer of Saltwater Ventures a Big Game Sport Fishing Series show and after looking at all the video from Sturgis I decided to produce Ride It " The Motorcycle TV series".

The show is based on rallys, events with segments on women motorcyclist, tips on riding, getting repairs done fairly, women and mens apparel, accessories, parts, what's that noise (maintenace oriented), how long some one has been riding and why they chose their particular bike.

So now you know you know the story of how Ride It came about.